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1991 June 01

"Final Environmental Impact Report, Farm Pond, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts"

prepared by IEP, Inc., Sandwich, MA for OB Board of Health

  • by this time, the historical channel via Harthaven Harbor had largely closed
  • detailed proposal for new 71" x 47" eliptical culvert beneath Beach Road, directly into Nantucket Sound
  • described damage to existing culvert - indentations, potential collapse "No tidal flow through this culvert is anticipated as part of the new culvert installation project."
  • primary purpose = enhancement of marine fisheries
  • detailed review of shellfish including harvest records from 1950 - 1990
  • discussion of marine finfish, primarily eels and alewives
  • secondary benefits = prevention of pollution, ground water supply, flood control, storm damage prevention, salt marsh restoration
  • discussion of culvert management requirements, responsibility of OB Board of Health
  • described a barrier beach nourishment program and a water quality management program
  • discussion of sources of pollution including septic systems
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