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2007, December 8th

604b proposal to develop the land use build out to be used in part to establish the TDML for Farm Pond

David wrote the following message yesterday, and asks us to write letters in support of grant funding.

"Two items; I have attached a letter of support for grant funding to determine the build out capacity of Farm Pond and its watershed. This will be part of establishing the level of nutrients that the pond can process and be healthy. The funding is being sought through the Martha's Vineyard Commission as the commission has been granted 604b funding before and has an excellent track record. If any one else would like to send a letter of support as well they are welcome to do so. If the letters can get to Bill Wilcox at the MVC by Wednesday they can be sent in with the proposal. Otherwise they can be sent directly to Mr. Gonyea.

Secondly; we have hit a little bump in the road to open the second culvert as Massachusetts Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program is requiring the project be reviewed for compliance with the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act. I will prepare the filing and get it to them as soon as possible but this process may take another 60 days or so to turn around."

David's letter is below, if you would like to use it as an example when you write your own.
To contact Gary Gonyea (617-556-1152 or


December 8, 2007

Mr. Gary Gonyea
DEP 604b Coordinator
1 Winter St.
Boston, MA

Dear Mr. Gonyea,

I wish to state my full support for the 604b proposal to develop the land use build out to be used in part to establish the TDML for Farm Pond. The Town of Oak Bluffs has been working toward the restoration of this Pond. Farm Pond was closed to direct harvest of shellfish since 1985. In 2000 the first real step took place to restore the pond by addressing storm water. Using CZM CPR funding a large infiltrator was put in under Viera Park that diverted the first one inch of rain fall to the infiltrator and not into the pond.

Since then the Town has continued their efforts to protect and improve the Pond. Currently the Martha’s Vineyard Land bank owns two parcels that are now protected from development. The pond was placed on the CZM Wetlands Restoration List in 2004 and the Corporate Partnership Priority List in 2005. In 2006 a Hydrodynamic and Inlet Alternatives Analysis was performed through CZM Restoration Office. The eel grass meadows were mapped in 1999 and again in 2006. Species inventory and estimates of resident populations of the quahog and soft-shell clam are ongoing. The Town of Oak Bluffs appropriated funding to place Farm Pond into the Massachusetts Estuaries Project.

In the past couple of years there has been a growing grassroots support to restore Farm Pond to a healthy state. This ad hoc group of residents from the entire watershed not just the abutters have been working closely with the Oak Bluffs Shellfish Department towards improving the health of the pond. A web site has been created and is an actively updated site. I invite you to visit the site or contact me for further information.

David W. Grunden

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