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2007 September 13th

David Grunden arranged meeting with Jeremy Bell from Coastal Zone Management. All interested persons were welcome. The meeting was held at the MVC meeting room at 4 PM on Thursday

General topics from meeting:

Jeremy has one more model to complete on how increased water influx into the pond will effect low lying properties bordering the pond, and that should take a month.
Then he will be submitting everything to their engineers (CZM) to start drafting a solution to the Farm Pond entrance.

The project will probably take 5 years and may cost millions of dollars.

In the interim, he is finding out what permitting is needed to open up the defunct culvert that is plugged. This would be an interim emergency measure to stabilize the pond while we wait on the long term solution.

Jeremy suggested the David Grunden be his point person, and communication for Jeremy should go through David.

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