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Farm Pond Geese

Farm pond has a community of non-migratory, permanent flocks of geese.
The overpopulation of wild waterfowl may cause the closure of shellfish beds and swimming areas due to bacterial pollution from their droppings. This large goose population is a source of nitrogen pollution in Farm Pond.

Application to Addle Canada Goose Eggs in Massachusetts
David Grunden is sending the Town’s goose egg addling permit in to the MA Division of Fish and Wildlife. The property owner needs to be the applicant. However, persons other than the property owner may be allowed to do the actual addling. Here is a permit application with  David's staff listed as permitted to addle eggs on the properties as well as text to justify the issuance of the permit. The top part of the form needs to be filled out by property owner/tenant and mailed to the address at the bottom of the form. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A PDF APPLICATION.

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