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Test your knowledge on how to keep your septic system and watershed healthy.
*What distance does water move?
What distance does water move through the Farm Pond watershed in one year?
*Why was the Title 5 standard for septic systems adopted?
*A family of 3 impacts:
The septic tank of a family of three,in one year, releases enough nitrogen to negatively impact
*How often should a home owner pump their Title 5 septic system?
*Do you need a permit to pump your septic? Yes No
*Not to flush
Which of these items should you NOT flush down the toilet.
*Never Flush
Which of these, if flushed down your drains, will kill the wildlife in surrounding ponds and streams?
*Harmful ingredients
Which of these ingredients found in household cleaners are harmful to the environment?
*What can I do that will make a difference?

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