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Current Studies and Research

David Grunden
David Grunden

In 2003 Dave Grundin, of the Town of Oak Bluffs Shellfish Department, received funds to conduct water quality testing of Farm Pond (a requirement for joining the Massachusetts Estuary Project). Study began with help from  the Martha's Vineyard Commission and the state Department of Environmental Protection. (Gazette).

May 8, 2006  David Grunden met on site with representatives from NOAA, The Nature Conservancy, MA Division of Marine Fisheries, Land Bank, MVC, and Hart Haven Community. They discussed the goal to get Farm Pond opened for shellfishing and generally improve the quality and health of the pond.

Recommendations from this meeting were to:
  • Review species inventory of terrestrial species in area that the land Bank has developed and determine if additional investigation is needed
  • Begin development a species list of birds that use Farm Pond
  • Develop a species inventory of estuarine and marine species in the pond.
  • Develop an estimate of the standing populations of shellfish in the pond.
  • Survey elevation of lowest homes around the pond
  • Find and review septic system plans for all homes within the water shed
  •  Update eel grass maps of Farm Pond.


Farm Pond Species Inventory


Hydrodynamic and Inlet Alternatives, Oak Bluffs

Hydrodynamic and Inlet Alternatives
Analysis for Farm Pond, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts prepared by Applied Coastal Research and Engineering, Inc. for Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, March 2006
Eel Grass Maps and Surveys  

Eel Grass Maps and Surveys

Eelgrass is a rooted marine plant that provides habitat for bay scallops, blue crabs, tautog, winter flounder, and tomcod, among others. Because eelgrass is very sensitive to poor water quality, its decline is a warning bell that must be heeded.
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