Friends of Farm  Pond, Oak Bluffs, MA

Friends of Farm Pond

Friends of Farm Pond was formed in 2005 to help protect and revitalize the pond.
The Association was launched by an informal meeting at the culvert and the group was solidified by inviting Jane Goodall to the home of Martha Shaw with the Island's environmental leaders to discuss how to effectively build community around an issue.

Friends of Farm Pond Mission

The Friends of Farm Pond is a group of concerned citizens who have gathered together to help to restore ecological stability to this fragile environment. Our mission is to repair the health of Farm Pond and its watershed which is threatened by 1) lack of circulation with the sea due to choking off the mouth of the pond 2) manmade effects of toxic local runoff, harmful home and garden chemicals, failing septic and cesspool systems, and nitrogen overload.  3) bacteria build-up by overpopulation of fowl and other invasive species.



Here is where we post a schedule for upcoming Friends of Farm Pond meetings and other meetings of interest.

Task Groups

The Friends of Farm Pond will be creating different subcommittees or task groups to tackle individual topics. Here is the sign up form.
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