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Flushing the Pond

In the early 2000s Coastal Zone Management conducted a preliminary flushing model for the pond which indicated that instead of the 47-inch culvert there now, there would have to be a 16-foot opening. Tidal range outside pond is 2 feet but inside pond it is only 6 inches indicating a severe restriction and inadequate flushing. (Gazette)

The Friends of Farm Pond consider "Flushing" the pond to be a top priority. The surveys and studies currently being done on the pond are to help assess what size opening to the sea would be sufficient. In 2005 a coastal geology firm (Applied Coastal) was hired by Coastal Zone Management to collect additional data and develop RMA models to analyze how to correct problem and determine the proper size of opening as well as how to control shoaling on either end of opening.


Coastal Zone Processes

Links to information about Coastal Zone Processes

Culvert Feasibility Replacement Study

Progress report on services required for the culvert replacement in Farm Pond
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