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Letter of Support for Hurricane Sandy coastal resiliency grant

Martha Shaw's letter in support of enlarging the opening of Farm Pond to the sea.

Grant Information / Funding Sources

Information on the National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
Current Studies and Research  

Current Studies and Research

Details on current studies being run on the pond to monitor its health and help inform solutions for its restoration.

Time Line

View timeline for Restoration of Farm Pond.

Draft Letter for the Highway Department

Attached is a letter we ask you to send to Mass Highway Department to get the FINAL PERMIT that will allow us to open the second culvert on the pond as well as the contact info to send it to.

Permits Granted for Restoration

Here is where we are posting copies of the different permits granted for the restoration of farm pond.
Removing plugs from second culvert 10-15-09  

Removing plugs from second culvert 10-15-09

photos of the removal of the plugs from the second culvert on October 15th, 2009
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